Discovering Life with Dementia: A Day of Joy
and Meaningful Connections

adult cognitive program
Our dementia day program designed to provide individuals with dementia a supportive and enriching environment. This program aims to enhance their quality of life by promoting social engagement, cognitive stimulation, and emotional well-being.

The program focuses on creating a positive and person-centred experience for participants. It recognizes that individuals with dementia can still find joy, meaning, and connections in their lives, despite the challenges they may face. By tailoring activities to their abilities and interests, the program aims to tap into their remaining strengths and provide opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment.

Here’s an overview of what a day in this dementia day program might look like:

1. Welcoming and Orientation:

Participants are greeted warmly by program staff who create a friendly and familiar atmosphere. They provide an overview of the day’s activities, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and included.

2. Cognitive Stimulation:

The program incorporates various activities to stimulate cognitive functioning and memory recall. These may include puzzles, memory games, storytelling, or music therapy sessions. Such activities aim to engage participants’ minds, maintain mental agility, and promote cognitive well-being.

3. Creative Expression:

Participants are encouraged to explore their creative abilities through art, music, or other expressive activities. Painting, sculpting, or playing musical instruments can help individuals with dementia communicate, express emotions, and tap into their inherent creativity.

4. Physical Exercise:

Regular physical exercise is essential for overall well-being. The program includes gentle exercises, such as chair yoga, stretching, or light movements, to promote physical health and maintain mobility.

5. Social Interaction:

Opportunities for social engagement and connection are incorporated throughout the day. Group discussions, reminiscing sessions, or simply spending time in a supportive and understanding environment can foster a sense of belonging and decrease feelings of isolation.

6. Meaningful Engagement:

The program aims to provide participants with a sense of purpose and meaning. Activities may involve gardening, pet therapy, or, allowing individuals to make a positive contribution and feel a sense of accomplishment.

7. Nutritious Snacks:

A nutritious Snack is provided during the program, taking into consideration any dietary restrictions or preferences of the participants. This promotes physical health and ensures individuals receive proper nourishment.

8. Support and Care:

Trained staff members are present throughout the day to provide support, guidance, and personal care assistance as needed.

They create a safe environment where individuals with dementia feel respected, valued, and understood.
The ” Dementia day program “ is designed to celebrate the unique abilities and strengths of individuals living with dementia. It aims to improve their overall well-being, foster meaningful connections, and provide them with a sense of joy and purpose in their lives.
Our Dementia Friendly Day Care is available all over the lower mainland and we offer Half day free trial.

“Discovering Life with Dementia: A Day of Joy and Meaningful Connections”

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