Virtual Sessions for Individuals Living with Symptoms of Dementia

We are so excited about our new way of connecting with our clients!

We are now offering Virtual Socialization & Cognitive Stimulation Sessions 

Who are they for:

  • Anyone 50+, specifically those living with symptoms of dementia.

We have special sessions:

  • Early symptoms/stages of dementia
  • Moderate symptoms/stages of dementia
  • Young onset – under the age of 65

About our Virtual Sessions:

We are offering small group Zoom sessions for individuals living with dementia who are in similar stages and abilities to connect for up to 1 hour once a week or more. These groups will be facilitated by our recreation professionals who specialize in gerontology.

Benefits to our participants:

  • A fun safe opportunity for socialization with peers to feel connected
  • Reduces isolation and builds new friendships
  • An opportunity for engaging in evidence-based cognitive stimulation to improve or maintain current abilities
  • Increases purpose
  • Enhances self-esteem

Pre-registration is required. Please contact us to register or to learn more.